Dear Ms./Mr. from X,

I’m interested for a job in your Company.

I consider that my advantages against other employee of 24 years old are:

1. I’m a good educated, honest, calm and understanding person, without to be angry, or envious of others, have a lot of energy to work, I always like to learn new things.
2. In practice, I have been working in different domains like a bureaucrat or on the field from 18 years old till now, that’s meen for 6  years old, with good results, understanding “the work”
3. In theoretic, I’m in the second and finally year in economics Master’s Degree, with good results too(I’m going to finish it from distance)

Why am I going to come to England?

1. England people are more educated.
2. England has more family, social and professional perspectives.
3. I like English language.

I’m not a very smart boy but I can learn quickly, and I’m a hard and diligent worker.

I’m sure I could give my best more than I could here in Romania.

Because I’m a foreign, and I’m from Romania(backward country) for the moment, until you see what I can do, and you gain confidence in me, I’m ready to work for you for an inferior work(not like a bureaucrat) or like a volunteer(if you could help me with a modest place where to sleep), or for a smaller salary.

To understand the England economy, and people mentality for early career, I consider that a job in the field would be a good start, for exemple a sale agent for your products/services.

If I could help you to colaborate in romanian language, I know very well the psichology of romanian enterprising people, or If you have another advices, I am open to challenges.

In the attachment is my CV.

Dear Ms./Mr. from X

I’m X, this year I will reach the age of 24 years old.

I consider that I’m ready to work in Denmark like a newspaper distributor for the early career. I hope at the same firm in the future too.

1. I’m ready Psychic and physical to resist to leave and work far away from the family, sweetheart, and friends.

2. I consider that Danes people are more educated than other nations, and in Denmark are more family, social and professional perspectives.

3. Because I’m coming from a backward country, I’m going to distribute newspapers, even so there are more perspectives than other countries.

4. I’m physical very resistant. I run on the beach for 10 -15 kilometers without stopping, in the last year after I finish the program like a bureaucrat I had been distributing fliers to people homes.

I could say that I have a good orientation among the blocks because I like a lot to walk through all the city streets.

I grew up in an educated  and united family, with a modest financial situation, who learn me to be honest, and hard worker. In the same time studies are very important for me, I’m in the finally year at Economics Master Degree, I’m going to finish it from distance.

You could see more about my past, in the CV from the attachment

Replay me please if you need new employees, let me your phone number, and I will call you.

I’m sure we could build a good team together, I’m going to learn Danish language too.

If you have advices for me, I’m ready for new challenges.

Thank you !

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3 Thoughts on “da, va rog sa plecati din Romania! doar voi!

  1. astea-s pe bune? adica ne umilim in halul asta?

  2. e pe bunele bunelor! e groaznic!

    nu stiu daca sa ma simt umilita de cersetorii si hotii romani care pleaca din tara sau de oameni ca el.

  3. daca noi ne umilim … cum ar fi sa ii ia ei de buna voie? :)))

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