Coffee – need that to remind myself that it’s a working day.

Feed the cat – or else he will do that by himself

Office – I work in one of Dilbert’s sources of inspiration. every new strip it’s like a deja vu for me. but it helps me answer the question: “how was your day?” “follow this link”

Outlook – Americans are awake when I sleep. So…I always have emails

Personal emails – it’s a bit stale with all the micro blogging platforms and mobiles. lots of spam but I’m keen on both Yahoo and Gmail and my subscriptions to thousand of spamming sites (wonder if they ever heard of permission marketing)

Twitter – not a twitter addict but is like the best  news provider about my network

Personal Blogs – sometimes I have some time to remember about me and write about that

Linked In – love the discussions there

Emails – people are awake and working. they have ideas. actually they have no idea and this is why they think they do

Lunch – need to eat

Meetings – even if I work online I need, from time to time to check the real world.don’t like it so I go back online

Emails – you would be surprised to find out that this is a never ending story.

To Do’s – and the list goes on, getting bigger and bigger every day

Google Blog Search – is free and close to monopoly, plus I’m used to use their other services

Online Projects – have lots of ideas, start new one, follow up an old one…close some. in this medium we move quick

RSS feeds – hmm…yes I have those too

Twitter – I always find millions of tyniurls linking to interesting things

Stuck in traffic – because I don’t use the subway anymore

Play with the cat – or else… I still need to sleep , right?

Movie – a good or a bad one.helps me think of something else

Internet – Google rules again

Read – a classic book

Sleep – not earlier than 00

…do not worry. I like my geek life.

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One Thought on “Part of the daily routine

  1. Mi on 04/30/2009 at 14:40 said:

    Congrats on your 1st post on this domain. But why … English ?!

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