Simplu ca buna ziua (asta daca ai sapte ani de acasa).
Intri aici, dai un strop cu subsemnatul si ti se generaza codurile:

Real Time Virus Reporting is a plugin that reports virus activity to the BitDefender Labs in order to locate threat activity and to inform users about emerging threats.

BitDefender issues regular advisories regarding new viruses. As you may already know, BitDefender is the fastest reacting Antivirus in the world, so you might fi nd here all the "new entries" in the malicious code top.

The BitDefender Virus Map gives a live graphic coverage of the percentage of computers infected by viruses.

  BitDefender Online Scanner is a fully functional antivirus product. It features all required elements for thorough antivirus scanning and effective cleaning: it scans your system’s memory, all files, folders and drives’ boot sectors, providing you with the option to automatically clean the infected files. 

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